I hope I don’t have to crop out Phangiso

Things are getting very awkward for Aaron Phangiso.

The newly nationally-contracted Proteas player has yet to play a game at the Cricket World Cup even though he often finds himself with prime real estate in most of the #ProteaFire posters, even the ones which mention the venue where he didn’t play. He’s standing in the perfect position to be cropped.


Let’s be honest – the other players featured in the posters are regulars and would never be dropped during the course of the tournament unless an injury (sorry JP) or a Jonathan Trott-like stress illness besets them. Is it time to crop Phangiso out or will we see him face Ireland in the next game?

What can we expect from the Irish encounter? It’s not like the Proteas have given us anything consistent to go on so far. Their tournament has been a mixed bag of WTFs, LOLS, OMGs, and a few I NEED A STRONG DRINK BUT IT’S 7AM SO I CANTs. The game against Zimbabwe was more of a flicker than a #ProteaFire. The one against India was a fizzle and the West Indian clash was a bright but predictable blaze.

Would the team now risk an almost-wobble like the one we saw against Zimbabwe by fielding the guys who haven’t seen much game time? Kyle Abbott will probably get a run. His smile or grimace, I can never tell, hasn’t seen much poster-time. He did well against the West Indies. He got the wicket of Chris Gayle early, which is the bowling equivalent of AB De Villiers’ heroics with the bat.

Will they rest Imran Tahir and play Phangiso? We all know Tahir has put in the hard yards with his wicket celebrations so he deserves a break from being joyous.

Just as a precaution.


Set your alarm clocks for the first ball at 5:30am. You know the build-up will make you sleepy.


Wait there’s more…

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