Mad Max: Fury Road Review


Write Down What You Want

I write most things down.

Some things I go back to and read again. Some things I tweet (which can act as a great place to store thoughts and random things). Some things go missing. Some things I throw away accidentally with my old till slips. Some get lost in raggedy notebooks that lose favour after time. But I try my best to scribble things down.

And 2014 was the year a lot of things I wanted came to life.

I wanted to freelance, and that happened at the beginning of the year when I resigned from my job and started writing and blogging more.

I wanted to be part of a radio breakfast show. That happened when I joined the KFM Breakfast show in the middle of the year.

I wanted to try out TV (for those of you who don’t know I graduated at Rhodes with a Journalism degree specialising in TV production) and at the end of the year, I joined the SABC 3 Lifestyle programme PopUp.TV.

(I even went overseas for the first time with the breakfast show when we went to Scotland for a week. And someone else paid. Another scribbled note of mine.)

My CV aside  (I know this is not LinkedIn), I am truly grateful to 2014 what it did and did not give me.

I’m not trying to rewrite a sadder version of the sad book The Secret or tell you I own some kind of Goblet of Fire to throw your dreams into but I can definitely say there is some kind of therapy in being able to articulate what you want – even if you sometimes feel it’s too big.

There is also strength in not always making the decision that seems “stable” or “sensible.” Face the decision that scares you, because what could be on the other side is Idris Elba waiting for you holding, ahem, oops, I mean, something greater than you imagined.

One last thing: I also started watching tons his past year, mostly because I review a lot of them, but it made me fall in love with cinema again. If you have a couple of rands to spare now that the petrol price is down, drive yourself to go to the movies! Buy an inexpilcably overpriced combo meal, with a hideously large Coke and enjoy the magic of story-telling.

Have a kick-ass 2015.