I’ve crossed over, mom. John Edward who?

So here I am: blogging. The dark side, one of the dreaded b-words next to “bitch” and “BlackBerry.” I’ve made so many snide remarks about the “art of blogging,” with one of my most scathing being:

“No child grows up wanting to be blogger.”

I’ve been on Twitter for the past two years, a social network I’ve had fun with, and treated essentially like my own mini-blog. This is just an extension of that. People have approached me a number of times with questions like “what’s your blog site?,” “are you in the blogosphere?” and many times I’ve brushed them off, thinking Twitter was more than enough commentary from me and my tweisted mind.

I’m now more than ready to expand on the many thoughts, mostly random, that pop into my head daily. I also live in Cape Town which means if you’re not blogging you can’t really consider yourself the Mother City’s child. So I blog to fit in, I blog to stand out, I blog to just get stuff out there and most importantly I do it because I think I won’t completely suck at it.