The iPad Air 2 Will Literally Be My Everything

I love Apple. I fell in love with it when I had worked myself hard enough to be able to afford an iPhone and later a MacBook. I do so many things now that I freelance that working on beautiful machines on the go is very important to me.

My gadgets must be easy, seamless, and most importantly pretty! I must look forward to carrying around my laptop from car to bus to airport. From restaurant to park bench to cafe. Life is just nicer when you’re surrounded my loveliness.

When @MyiStoreSA challenged me to use the new iPad Air 2, I declined. Ok, I’m kidding. I let out a silent “hell yes!” I was only too excited to accept. It will technically be my first iPad (the last one I had was a loan from work) and I’m looking forward to taking advantage of everything it has to offer.

iPad Air 2




It’s built to take everywhere – and I mean everywhere. You know that place you take your electronics when you know you shouldn’t. Yes, that place too.

The iPad Air 2 is packed with all the things I want in a tablet – it’s as thin my wallet at the end of the month, as powerful as my confidence after a workout and a Touch ID that respects my love of privacy and laziness.

I cannot wait to start. Wish me luck!

PS: If you have any apps that you love that help you get through the day as efficiently as possible, do let me know!



Strike A Pose with 4th Street Wine!

I have something up my sleeve.

I recently worked on something really cool with the folks at 4th Street Wine taking some fun photographs. Where will those photos be used? For a great 3-week competition that starts this coming Friday!

I got to jump around, pose like Beyonce (every woman’s dream) and take sultry (or attempted sultry) close-up shots that had me pouting. I must admit I burst out laughing after each pout – it’s a tough facial pose to hold! I don’t know how people do it!

How do you prepare for a night out besides some 4th Street Wine by your side? By taking cool snaps of yourself getting ready, of course!

All will be revealed on Friday the 7th of November. Get ready! Literally. Dress up and get ready to win!

Have a look at some behind the scenes snaps.

4th street

Look at all this 4th Street sultriness. You know you want to try it. 🙂

I enjoyed some 4th Street Lightly Sparkled Wine to cool down after jumping in heels!



4th Street will ask you to recreate the poses I’ve done, and the best interpretations stand a chance of winning a hamper.

You can head over to the 4th Street Wine Facebook page on the 7th of November to start playing.

Ready, set, POSE!



Thank you 15 On Orange for being sickeningly gorgeous

When you look at African Pride’s 15 On Orange from the outside you feel slightly ill. It’s just beautiful. It’s a glass marvel in the centre of Cape Town that seems a little too pretty for its surroundings.

It comes as no surprise that I squealed with glee when they invited me to experience the hotel as well as the new, revamped Suntra Spa.

I silently thanked my e-mail inbox for being the window for this much-needed R & R weekend. I fantasised about wonderful hotel bathroom selfies (they have the best light), a three course meal with yummy wine and the highlight – the full body Swedish massage.

I invited my beautiful friend and housemate Mapodile on this weekend adventure. We packed our weekend bags and left our home in Woodstock many miles away, travelling 7km to town for our stay at 15 On Orange.

photo 2(1)

The pool you can swim in but it’s far nicer to take photos of it.


We checked in and toasted the lovely room we’d been given. Big bath. Big shower. Win. I was tempted to bath a handful of times that night but I planned the night’s events instead. We were going to eat ourselves into a non-life-threatening coma at the hotel restaurant and drink copious amounts of wine.

The we're about to eat a whole lot of food selfie

The we’re about to eat a whole lot of food selfie

We did and we did.

15 On Orange restaurant

Here is a photo of my food. I apologise for it not being artistic. I was really hungry and wanted to get on with it.

We planned to go out dancing but rolled ourselves into our room instead. Is hotel linen not the greatest thing on Helen Zille’s green earth?

We knew our massages were coming in the morning so we needed to rest up for that.

Suntra Spa is stunning. I would’ve taken a photo but I was too busy being drunk on rest and relaxation to bother. This was my first time getting a Swedish full body massage and I loved every minute (60 of them). I’d indicated on my form that I was experiencing high stress levels (I have three jobs at the moment) and needed the masseusse to fix me. She did.

This photo is from the hotel’s website.


15 On Orange – Suntra Spa

I highly recommend it. And if you can’t, I’ll gladly take your place.

I’ll collect my coins and visit the hotel again for sure.




I’m attracting themed parties

I love me a good party! And my job as a Sunday Times socials writer means I get to go to a lot. There has been a steady stream of themed parties in CT recently.

The recent #4thStreetParty had a great 50’s theme. I went all out and won Best Dressed.

4th Street Party4th Street Party4th Street Party


And the 70′ Hussle Party recently was also loads of fun. I still say I look like a normal Capetonian in 2014, which means I nailed it.

The HussleThe Hussle

Have you been to a really great themed party?

Step into the Col’Cacchio kitchen #FoodWithaStory

When this invite was delivered to my doorstep I knew I was in for a treat! By treat I mean eating myself into a small coma.

Col'Cacchio invitation

I was given the very rare opportunity of stepping into the Col’Cacchio kitchen  – pronounced “Col-kakki-yo.” I’ve pronounced it Col-ca-chi-yo for the longest time! I still prefer my pronunciation though.

The pizzeria turns 22 years old this year, and to celebrate, a handful of people were taken behind the scenes to see just how they make the food we so dearly love. From the pizza to the pastas to the salads, nothing was off-limits.

Col’cacchio is truly a franchise with a difference, with a belief that “there are no shortcuts when it comes to good food.”

And also a belief in keeping things simple.

No double meaty stacks. No double crammed crust. No cheese grillers embedded in your pizza. Or as one of my favourite tweeters @Clixwell stated, no newborn babies as pizza toppings.

Just yummy, fresh ingredients selectively sourced and lovingly prepared.

I even made my own pizza! The Morituri –  a favourite. Because bacon. And chicken. Together.

Preparing my Morituri - Seasoned Chicken Breast Strips, Bacon, Feta, roasted Red Pepper and eventually Avo

Preparing my Morituri – Seasoned Chicken Breast Strips, Bacon, Feta, roasted Red Pepper and eventually Avo

Morituri into the oven - takes only 7 minutes!

Morituri into the oven – takes only 7 minutes!

Done! I couldn't wait so I took a slice of pizza before I took a photo. Priorities! Look at all that Avo <3

Done! I couldn’t wait so I took a slice of pizza before I took a photo. Priorities! Look at all that Avo ❤

Thank you Col’Cacchio for the great afternoon (and the wonderful Olive Oil gift!)

For my Capetonians! To share the love I will be giving away a R200 Col’Cacchio voucher to buy something delicious at any Col’Cacchio pizzeria. 

To win, answer this question – how old does Col’Cacchio turn this year? Tweet the answer to me @sboshmafu

Winner announced Sunday morning (24 August 2014)

Congratulations to Thembisa Mpetshwa, @Thembisa_M, our winner! 22 years old is correct.

COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. Thanks for playing!

Yours in good food,




Best Female Movie Villains of All Time

It’s apparently still Women’s Month, and to celebrate I’ve put together a list of the most deliciously vile female movie villains of all time.

In no particular order of evil, my favourite female movie villains:

  • Imelda Staunton as Professor Dolores Umbridge and Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix LeStrange in Harry Potter series

Dolores Umbridge

Bellatrix Lestrange


  • Sharon Stone as Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct

Catherine Tramell

  • Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada

Miranda Priestly

  • Pam Ferris as Miss Trunchbull in Matilda

Miss Trunchbull

  • Rachel McAdams as Regina George in Mean Girls

Regina George

  • Betty Lou Gerson as Cruella de Vil in Disney’s One Hundred and one Dalmatians

Cruella de Vil 

  • Glenn Close as Cruella de Vil in 101 Dalmations

Cruella de Vil

  • Daryl Hannah as Elle Driver, Lucy Liu as O-Ren Ishii and Chiaki Kuriyama as Gogo Yubari in Kill Bill

Elle Driver

O-Ren Ishii

Gogo Yubari

  • Eva Green as Artemisia in 300: Rise of An Empire


Rebecca Romijn as Mystique in X-Men series. Jennifer Lawrence tried in the new films, but I’m Team Rebecca forever!


Rebecca Romijn as Mystique

Pat Carroll as Ursula in The Little Mermaid



Who did I leave out? Let me know who your favourites are.


Yours in the morally reprehensible,