Write Down What You Want

I write most things down.

Some things I go back to and read again. Some things I tweet (which can act as a great place to store thoughts and random things). Some things go missing. Some things I throw away accidentally with my old till slips. Some get lost in raggedy notebooks that lose favour after time. But I try my best to scribble things down.

And 2014 was the year a lot of things I wanted came to life.

I wanted to freelance, and that happened at the beginning of the year when I resigned from my job and started writing and blogging more.

I wanted to be part of a radio breakfast show. That happened when I joined the KFM Breakfast show in the middle of the year.

I wanted to try out TV (for those of you who don’t know I graduated at Rhodes with a Journalism degree specialising in TV production) and at the end of the year, I joined the SABC 3 Lifestyle programme PopUp.TV.

(I even went overseas for the first time with the breakfast show when we went to Scotland for a week. And someone else paid. Another scribbled note of mine.)

My CV aside  (I know this is not LinkedIn), I am truly grateful to 2014 what it did and did not give me.

I’m not trying to rewrite a sadder version of the sad book The Secret or tell you I own some kind of Goblet of Fire to throw your dreams into but I can definitely say there is some kind of therapy in being able to articulate what you want – even if you sometimes feel it’s too big.

There is also strength in not always making the decision that seems “stable” or “sensible.” Face the decision that scares you, because what could be on the other side is Idris Elba waiting for you holding, ahem, oops, I mean, something greater than you imagined.

One last thing: I also started watching tons his past year, mostly because I review a lot of them, but it made me fall in love with cinema again. If you have a couple of rands to spare now that the petrol price is down, drive yourself to go to the movies! Buy an inexpilcably overpriced combo meal, with a hideously large Coke and enjoy the magic of story-telling.

Have a kick-ass 2015.



Step into the Col’Cacchio kitchen #FoodWithaStory

When this invite was delivered to my doorstep I knew I was in for a treat! By treat I mean eating myself into a small coma.

Col'Cacchio invitation

I was given the very rare opportunity of stepping into the Col’Cacchio kitchen  – pronounced “Col-kakki-yo.” I’ve pronounced it Col-ca-chi-yo for the longest time! I still prefer my pronunciation though.

The pizzeria turns 22 years old this year, and to celebrate, a handful of people were taken behind the scenes to see just how they make the food we so dearly love. From the pizza to the pastas to the salads, nothing was off-limits.

Col’cacchio is truly a franchise with a difference, with a belief that “there are no shortcuts when it comes to good food.”

And also a belief in keeping things simple.

No double meaty stacks. No double crammed crust. No cheese grillers embedded in your pizza. Or as one of my favourite tweeters @Clixwell stated, no newborn babies as pizza toppings.

Just yummy, fresh ingredients selectively sourced and lovingly prepared.

I even made my own pizza! The Morituri –  a favourite. Because bacon. And chicken. Together.

Preparing my Morituri - Seasoned Chicken Breast Strips, Bacon, Feta, roasted Red Pepper and eventually Avo

Preparing my Morituri – Seasoned Chicken Breast Strips, Bacon, Feta, roasted Red Pepper and eventually Avo

Morituri into the oven - takes only 7 minutes!

Morituri into the oven – takes only 7 minutes!

Done! I couldn't wait so I took a slice of pizza before I took a photo. Priorities! Look at all that Avo <3

Done! I couldn’t wait so I took a slice of pizza before I took a photo. Priorities! Look at all that Avo ❤

Thank you Col’Cacchio for the great afternoon (and the wonderful Olive Oil gift!)

For my Capetonians! To share the love I will be giving away a R200 Col’Cacchio voucher to buy something delicious at any Col’Cacchio pizzeria. 

To win, answer this question – how old does Col’Cacchio turn this year? Tweet the answer to me @sboshmafu

Winner announced Sunday morning (24 August 2014)

Congratulations to Thembisa Mpetshwa, @Thembisa_M, our winner! 22 years old is correct.

COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. Thanks for playing!

Yours in good food,




6 April 2014 – The Conch column – LS in The Sunday Times

A few of you have been asking about my column in the Sunday Times LS. It’s The Conch, a rotating column shared by four writers. It’s essentially one column a month from me. Here’s my first one from back in April. Sorry for the crumpled mess, the rest will look like a steam iron went through them. I’ll post them too…

imageimage (1)


Win with Vodacom and moi!

So yesterday I let you know about the party Vodacom and I are throwing to get you in the know about #PowerBundles. That party is in your phone.

For the rest of this week I’ll be giving away Power Bundles vouchers to the value of R100. So if you’re a little cash-strapped and need to make a call or you’re short on data, I gotchu.



Let’s play…

Today I’m giving away 2 x R100 Power Bundles vouchers, 1x R100 to two winners, and all you need to do is answer this one easy question. PLEASE NOTE: You must send the answers to me via Twitter @sboshmafu!

TO WIN: How much data does the R3 Power Bundle get you?

Winners will be drawn randomly.

One entry per person.

Competition closes when I have my first glass of wine at 16:30, and winners announced at 18:00 when the football starts! GO ARGENTINA!

TACOS AND CHIPS APPLY – T’s & C’s that is.