Strike A Pose with 4th Street Wine!

I have something up my sleeve.

I recently worked on something really cool with the folks at 4th Street Wine taking some fun photographs. Where will those photos be used? For a great 3-week competition that starts this coming Friday!

I got to jump around, pose like Beyonce (every woman’s dream) and take sultry (or attempted sultry) close-up shots that had me pouting. I must admit I burst out laughing after each pout – it’s a tough facial pose to hold! I don’t know how people do it!

How do you prepare for a night out besides some 4th Street Wine by your side? By taking cool snaps of yourself getting ready, of course!

All will be revealed on Friday the 7th of November. Get ready! Literally. Dress up and get ready to win!

Have a look at some behind the scenes snaps.

4th street

Look at all this 4th Street sultriness. You know you want to try it. 🙂

I enjoyed some 4th Street Lightly Sparkled Wine to cool down after jumping in heels!



4th Street will ask you to recreate the poses I’ve done, and the best interpretations stand a chance of winning a hamper.

You can head over to the 4th Street Wine Facebook page on the 7th of November to start playing.

Ready, set, POSE!




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