Vodacom #PowerBundles – your change has power

Vodacom is working really hard to give you more for less with Vodacom Power Bundles. I’ve teamed up with them to let you know a little bit about it and also to give away free stuff, coz that’s how I roll. Watch out for later posts to see how you can win.

What are Power Bundles?  Just that. Superhuman powers that give you the strength to deliver 100 babies in 100 minutes. Ok, not quite. They’re way cooler. You’re able to boost your voice and data for next to nothing!

They’re available for Prepaid, Top Up and uChoose customers.

Power Bundles are for immediate consumption and are time limited so ‘use it or lose it,’ as they say in rugby.



1. For R4 you get 60 minutes to use immediately after activation.

2. For R2 you get 10 minutes to use immediately after activation.

3.  R3 you get a 50 MEG data bundle valid for 60 minutes after activation

All bundles will be available for purchase every day, but may not recharge between the hours of 6pm to 9pm.

Watch out for my tweets @sboshmafu this week. I’ll be giving away 5 x R100 worth of Power Bundles everyday.

You get a bundle! You get a bundle! Everybody gets a bundle!





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