The Crop Top Diaries takes a dive

I’ve fallen off. I’ve fallen off like a clumsy treadmill user who tries to up the gradient too quickly. I’ve been travelling a lot lately for work and for fun – lots and lots of fun, and because of this, my gym schedule has been thrown off a bit. It’s sporadic and rushed and often days go by without me going.

Now that I’ve settled a bit, I think I’ll get back into it but it also shows how a change in routine can be detrimental to your get fit, get sexy mission. It’s like tripping – your rhythm will take time to get back to you again.

I also bought…. a swimming costume, and a swimming cap.  I have pretty bikinis which I wear on dry land to read books and take selfies. I hardly ever go into the water. But the gym, being the convent that it is, won’t let you wear a bikini so you’re forced to buy a ghastly swimming costume, which I did.

Manufacturers really need to reevaluate the size of these alleged swimming caps. They need to consider that some of us have manes like gods, not just a head of hair like mortals, and a tuft sticking out at the back because your sorry excuse for a swimming cap can’t cover my whole head is unacceptable, and frankly not cutesies.

I struggled with the swimming laps. I can swim pretty well so you can hold your judgment. It’s just that I don’t do it often. And swimming is pretty much the best thing for your body, but it doesn’t necessarily mean your body is ready. Completing a lap without stopping was like completing a degree. I think I gave a wave to my fans up their on their elliptical trainers as I finished each one.

I want to swim more because it really is a full body workout. And sharing  a lane with attractive water babies is nice too.

My diet has slipped a bit, but I’ll correct that. Winter, you bastard! I take no responsibility for what I eat during these cold, trying times – I blame the adverse weather conditions.

I thank you


PS: I’ve lost about 2.5kg in the space of 6 weeks, for those who care about that stuff. But for me it really isn’t about weight loss but about getting stronger… and getting abs.






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