The Crop Top Diaries: I’ve survived the first month!

I know I haven’t posted in a few weeks, but you’ll be glad to know it’s because Ive been kicking ass and taking strides at the gym.

I realised that daily updates don’t work because this getting healthy thing is a marathon, not a sprint. And one of the few examples on earth where instant gratification is actually impossible.

My body is slowly adjusting to my gym route. I sleep better. I feel more awake when I’m awake and I walk with a strut and a swagger now because I’m in that small part of society that is doing something about their health – that wellness privilege. I hate myself when I don’t get to the gym, and go at least four times a week. I really thought people were lying when they said that you become addicted. You really do. You become addicted to feeling stronger.

I do enjoy the treadmill, but I’m starting to realise how dangerous it is. I am a horrible runner and I’ve been forcing issues with the treadmill. I’m that gym-goer hanging on for dear life trying to burn a calorie or two. Because of my poor treadmill technique and pushing myself a bit too hard over the last month (and also neglecting to stretch properly) my ankle has a bit of a niggle.


I’m now… an athlete. I’ve made it, surely? I may even need physio, or a bit of ice and rest, but I’ll go to a physio. They know how deal with these kinds of injuries amongst athletes like myself.

I also realised that my diet needed a major overhaul. I wasn’t eating badly before, but I wasn’t making conscious good food choices either. I grocery shopped aimlessly – getting the things that always felt like staples – including bread. Now I’ve drastically cut down on my consumption of bread. It’s been hard because bread is life.They tell water is, but that is one of the greatest lies of our generation. I’m hanging in there. Processed sugars have also had to get the chop. I’m not going cold turkey with that, just gradually decreasing my intake. I may turn into Medusa soon.

Here’s to May!


PS: To the gym couple that argued in the middle of the gym Kauai this past month while the rest of us were trying to find some peace and abs… for shame!





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