The Crop Top Diaries: One week of gym down, a lifetime to go…

You’re lucky I’m not one of those people who post gym selfies everyday. I choose to bombard you with word selfies instead.

I’m proud to say that I went to the gym four times this past week, and there was one day where I even considered going twice (Friday). I chose not to because I was advised to not push myself too hard just yet, because I haven’t tasted any kind of physical activity in 3 years and overdoing it could lead to serious injury or even death. Ok maybe not death, but sometimes it feels like it. I also avoided it because there was cricket on and  I had a birthday braai to go to.

It was also the first time that I had measured my height and weight since varsity. It seems Cape Town has been really, really good to me and the Crop Top Diaries is necessary to counter this. My height lets me get away with a lot of things, and I must stop being a complacent long person.

I will be going to my second Zumba class this week, and hopefully this time I won’t be late and bullied to the front row, and also the instructor won’t laugh loudly through his mic at my very weak arms. Small steps.

I do enjoy the circuit, because it is one of the places where you feel you’re getting stronger by the minute. The human body is truly remarkable, and I’m ashamed that it has taken me so long to see what it can do.

Wish me luck for my second week. There may be pics of me on a stretcher come Friday. I’m sore everywhere all the time, and I can’t remember the last time I climbed stairs without flinching like I’m walking on hot coals. As I type this, I cannot feel anything from the waist down. Gym Brus would be so proud.


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