Free (lance) at last, Thank God Almighty, I’m Free (lance) at last

“Do you have wifi here?  Just answer the question, ma’am and no one gets hurt.” My level of human interaction has now been reduced to this one question. Gone are the pleasantries that separated man (me) from beast. All I seek now is free wi-fi, beverages and comfortable shoes. This is my new life.

It’s the life they don’t tell you too much about when you’re in university. They keep it hidden, like if they let everyone in on it, no one will want to work in an office. And truth be told, we need those office people. Tall buildings need to be occupied. They’re important to keep the country ticking over and water-cooler companies in business.

The freelance life is one that I’ve just recently been introduced to, and all I want to know is: Why wasn’t I told sooner? It is quite possible to bottle the joy you feel on weekends, and sell it – they call it this.

Waking up on a Monday and realising that this is different from all the other Mondays before it, is jarring. You don’t have to be at some obscure building at a certain arbitrary time. You don’t have to pack a mediocre lunch with more bread than you’ll eat, and there’s no need to complain about the day, because it has no power over you anymore. You can watch a entire cricket match, at the stadium on a weekday. This is surely the Promised Land?

With this abundance of riches comes the realization that you may need to get it together and rely on yourself a bit. Only you are responsible for your time and how you maximize it and for someone who is not familiar with this freedom, it could be a delicious self-destruction. I humbly accept this challenge.

So the great exploration begins, finding wonderfully quaint and inexpensive places that are not the park or the library,  to meet your freelance work obligations and pay your bills. Trawling Cape Town for great places is not that difficult. This place was voted  the number one  place to visit in 2014 by the New York Times, and they know everything. Little did I know when they made this declaration, I’d also be exploring CT myself, with a new pair of eyes. Eyes that are able to see the city between the hours of 9 – 5.

Tough decisions still lie ahead. Where will I go when it’s sunny? Where will I go when when it’s raining? Should i always have groceries in the house for all those times I decide to work at home? What is it like to always have groceries in the house?

So many questions that I’ve been confronted with, which I look forward to finding out the answers to.

And to all those people filling up malls at 11am on a Tuesday morning, thank you for the warm welcome.




8 thoughts on “Free (lance) at last, Thank God Almighty, I’m Free (lance) at last

  1. Been wanting to chat to someone about this murky industry man. This 9-5 journalism shindig has me disillussioned, imagine…and i’m fresh out of varsity. Let’s chat… I’d love to get some insight from a more knowledgeable somebody. Please.

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