GUEST BLOG: No small feat – Ncinci runs 200m in 20.54s at Athletics meet

By Teboho Moleko

(MSocSci candidate (International Relations) Rhodes University)

On Friday night I had the privilege to witness the start of something great. Ncinci Titi a young man from the Eastern Cape ran a breathtaking 20.54 seconds in the 200m at the Athletics Gauteng North (AGN) Provincial Championship. I believe this young man has the hallmarks of greatness. Perhaps you might be wondering what qualifies me to make these claims. Nothing.

Nonetheless, the story I am about to document, of this young man’s recent life will most likely compel you to take me seriously.

Ncinci Titi's fast feet could take him to the top

Ncinci Titi’s fast feet could take him to the top

Ncinci Titi comes from an athletic family. His older brother and sister broke the 100m records at their respective high schools yet neither pursued athletics post-high school. Ncinci attended Selborne College in East London were he was catapulted into a rivalry with Anaso Jobodwana. A rivalry I am certain added to the development that led to the latter becoming an Olympian. Ncinci Titi matriculated in 2011 and pursued his boyhood dream of being a pilot. However, in October 2013 after two years of pursuing his dream, his yearning for competitive athletics was reawakened and he subsequently joined the University of Pretoria’s athletic program.

After four months of training he ran a time of 21.21 in the 200m. A month later he ran a time of 20.9 and this past Friday he ran 20.54. For those of you who perhaps doubt how remarkable this time is, please divide it by two.

Ncinci has only had six months of professional training and these are the times he is running. I can only wonder what times he will be running in a year or so. In addition, should his high school rivalry with Jobodwana be reignited, South Africa could have a realistic chance of silverware in the 2016 and 2020 Olympic games.

What motivates you?

What motivates me…hmmm well mostly the satisfaction of seeing my own progression from the hard work I put in, day in day out and being the very best I can be in whatever I do.

What are your interests outside athletics?

I have a huge passion for aviation, which is what I decided to do straight after high school, the passion still is and forever will be there I just feel that my talent won’t be around forever and I wouldn’t be able to live with the thoughts of what could have been. I got blessed with talent so why not see my full potential

What goals have you set for yourself?

If I could compete with the best in the world and be the best I can be, that’s all I could ever ask for

What is your 100m time?


Is the 200m your favourite event or do you see yourself taking part in other events in the future?

Right now 200m is my favorite event I really do enjoy it and I’m fairly good at it but I could also consider 400m for endurance training but 200m is my main event

What does your recent form mean for your dreams of being a pilot?

It means the dream becomes more of a reality because when I eventually do retire from the track I hope that I’ll be financially capable of financing the training

You can find Ncinci Titi on Twitter: @GeezMix11


One thought on “GUEST BLOG: No small feat – Ncinci runs 200m in 20.54s at Athletics meet

  1. Great article. I admire African kids who excellent in their respective sport codes, I know the feeling of having that desire and dream myself. GO BIG TITI!

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