A great handbag is life-changing

It has its own insurance.

It stores the things that keep you beautiful during the day.

It gives your strut that extra kick that only a great accessory can.

It changes lives. One glorious day at a time.

I’m talking about handbags and the important, almost overlooked role they play in both women and men’s (shout out to the man bag) lives.

Now, as much as I want to be a fashion blogger and share wonderful fashion tips with you, including what I wore today, I know only a select few get to do that cherished job. Fashion bloggers are not made, they’re bestowed. But every once in a while I’ll share a fashion post with you because nice things are nice. And they’re meant to be shared. Preferably on Instagram, with a “I’m blessed” hashtag and a flattering filter.

And right now I’m moved by the power of a great handbag. The world is not a kind place to handbags. They go missing, get stolen in dramatic and messy smash-and-grab situations and awkward muggings. Next to rhinos, they’re the most vulnerable species out there. I’m surprised not enough is done to protect them. We’re failing our handbags, people. We’re failing future generations.

Think about what a power handbag adds to your dull existence. It can perk up that unimaginative outfit and make it great. It picks up your self-esteem from level Kristin Stewart to level RuPaul. You don’t even have  to try because it does the trying for you, without you having to lift a finger, just an arm.

I’ve recently become obsessed with a new show on BET starring Gabrielle Union calledBeing Mary Jane. It chronicles her life as a successful black woman navigating through family and romantic relationships – making lots of mistakes. One of the things that have remained constant in her complicated life is her handbag. This amazing coral bag that features in each episode. I Googled it, and it’s a Celine Trapeze handbag. And through each and every one of her messy affairs and family drama, her bag is always there. The Christina to her Meredith, the Louise to her Thelma, the Wilson to Tom Hanks’Castaway, the Friends to her Friends. All of them played crucial supporting roles. And handbags do just that.


Gabrielle Union and handbag in Being Mary Jane


THE handbag in Being Mary Jane

Your life may look like it’s falling apart right now, but it’s not true. You just haven’t found the right handbag.

And you might be thinking, but my tablet and smartphone that I keep in my handbag are the most valuable. If you’re one of those people, I can only leave you with this: you’d save your house before you save your furniture.


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