It’s all gravy with Simply Asia’s #SweetDeal

Who’s hungry? Simply Asia knows how to do it big and brings new 10 new Tastes of Thailand, new dishes which not only contain a selection of main course meals, but also a couple of delectable desserts too!


Over the course of the next few weeks I’ll be letting you in on these new flavours, and spreading the love by giving away a few delicious Simply Asia vouchers.

If you want to know more, click

Remember to follow @SimplyAsia_SA on Twitter to to take part and visit them to try out the new dishes. You may find that picking your favourite dish will be like picking a favourite Beyonce song – impossible.

Now, let’s kick things off:

To win a Simply Asia voucher, answer this one question:

If you order one of the 10 new dishes, what do you get for just R10 extra.

(clues may be found in a link provided on this page – good luck!)

Leave your answer in the comments and you may be a winner with moi and Simply Asia!




14 thoughts on “It’s all gravy with Simply Asia’s #SweetDeal

  1. When ordering any one of our 10 new dishes with a #SweetDeal add-on, you’ll recieve our delicious Sweet Corn cakes for only R10 extra.

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