Vodacom #GiveAHappy winners

Congratulations to:

NOMINATION NUMBER 3, sent in by Esther. This is what she said about her sister, Evalisa Katabua.

I’d love to nominate my sister. She recently quit her job and decided to head back to University to get a post-grad diploma in education to teach high schoolers.

She’s taken a leap of faith with two forever busy twins to care for and a small business to to help her financially.

Here’s to hoping you and Vodacom can #GiveAHappy to her this January


AND NOMINATION NUMBER 4: sent in by Nomali about Leti (@AwkwardlyH on Twitter)

I want to nominate a sassy blogger, great baker and wonderful mum — and a generally awesome human. This year she’s continuing her journey of funemployment (her word) as the BBIC (Baker Bitch In Charge — my acronym) at her new venture the Cookie DougMe. Do the right thang.

Cheers, let’s drink to that.MBM_4429



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