#GiveAHappy – prize and finalists revealed!


Thank you to everyone who got involved in #GiveAhappy. If you remember I asked you to nominate someone to give a happy to – paying particular attention to  a person who is actively starting something new. I received the nominations, and I’ve shared the finalists below. Let me know which story is your favourite. The two nominations with the most votes will get the happy: R2 500 worth of groceries each courtesy of Vodacom! *nom nom*

I’ve removed the names so there is no unfair bias.

I’ve numbered all the nominations below, all you have to do is send me your favourite, using their corresponding number – you can comment below or tweet it to me @sboshmafu

yay democracy!


Hi Sbosh

So here it is. My bestie deserves a little
‘happy’ this January. She’s from  Port Elizabeth. She
just moved to Stellenbosch to begin work at CSIR. This is her first
‘real’ job. She’s left behind, he mom and siblings, he comfortable bed,
her favourites tv shows TV in general), her friends (im particularly
saddened by this), and her loving boyfriend.

She’s moved into a flat with 2 other ladies and although she’s in a
field where her passion lies, she is incredibly home sick. She misses
her mom’s cooking, Isibaya (she doesn’t have a tv yet so I have to
give her the low down every night lol). She misses her room, she
misses her boyfriends touch and misses our conversations in the lounge
at her house. We speak everyday and sometimes it feels like she’ll
just walk into my house or I hers- i miss her dearly. Yes she will
find her feet and get used to it, but I believe that she deserves a
little ‘happy’ this January. She’s doing well for herself and she’s a
constant inspiration to me to aspire to more. She always has my best
interests at heart and I would not have made it out stronger than I
have out of some of my darkest days without her constant love, support
and ‘dude you’re awesome’ speeches.

Please consider her. She’d so appreciate it. I would too.


Dear Sibongile

I nominate my mom. She’s an incredible mom, sister, grandmother, woman.

She retired last November to focus on starting a business and building a legacy for the family. She had been a teacher for 30 years and I’ve never met anybody who loved being a teacher more than her, someone who cared so much about her pupils -or her kids as she would call them-.

I know that it was hard for her to take an early retirement, but she’s got bigger dreams and I’m happy she’s finally pursuing them.


Hi Sibongile

I’d love to nominate my sister. She recently quit her job and decided to head back to University to get a post-grad diploma in education to teach high schoolers.

She’s taken a leap of faith with two forever busy twins to care for and a small business to to help her financially.

Here’s to hoping you and Vodacom can #GiveAHappy to her this January


 I want to nominate a sassy blogger, great baker and wonderful mum — and a generally awesome human. This year she’s continuing her journey of funemployment (her word) as the BBIC (Baker Bitch In Charge — my acronym) at her new venture the Cookie DougMe. Do the right thang.


I want to nominate a beautiful, intelligent young woman who has come into my life and brought so much joy and hope for a better tomorrow. She is both loving and selfless, humble and generous and does so with an open and willing heart. A truly beautiful soul who gives of herself and expects nothing back, I cannot think of a more deserving person to get a little happiness out of this life.

And that’s it. Choose your winners!

What a great variety of people who are doing new things this year. Who will get the happy with Vodacom? Send your votes. Winners announced on Monday.



30 thoughts on “#GiveAHappy – prize and finalists revealed!

  1. I think number 3 deserves it cause she quiet her job, so that she can learn & it will brighten her future also her childrens future.

  2. I vote number 3. That’s a huge change, I’d be scared to leave work for school wheni havea family. She could do with all the motivation possible. She could do with #GiveAHappy to start of the year!

  3. I absolutely irrevocably specifically politically physically financially and emotionally vote in perpetuity for number 3!

  4. I would say number 3, it just shows that children and family come before money. Sounds like such a sweet soul:) 🙂 Number THREE for the give a prize.

  5. I vote for number 3. She is a mother of twins, furthering her studies and has her own business. She also quit her job.

  6. I vote for Number 3. Education is a noble profession and we desperately need dedicated teachers in this country. She is also the mother of twins which means that she will be working very hard this year to make her dreams come true.

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