Vodacom #GiveAHappy – make January a little brighter

January is a difficult month for a lot of people. The festive season high evaporates quicker than your Christmas bonus and all people try to do is get through it.

But there’s also a magic about January. The excitement of starting new things. Maybe it’s a new job, or leaving your old job, maybe you’re relocating, finishing your studies, starting your studies… The thrill of a clean slate to scribble in new memories is really something special.

Now, with the help of Vodacom, I want to come on that journey with you. Who do you know who’s starting something new, or maybe has left something old behind and deserves a bit of cheer along the way?

All you have to do is:

Nominate someone YOU think deserves a little happiness and why…

You can send your nominations to: sibongilemafu@gmail.com or tweet them to me @sboshmafu or leave them in the comments section below. Let’s make January a little less colder, and reward the bravery of trying something new.

The ‘happies’ that people love the most will receive something very special. It’s a treat. All will be revealed by Friday, the 17th of January. Send in your nominations!




2 thoughts on “Vodacom #GiveAHappy – make January a little brighter

  1. I want to nominate Leti (@AwkwardlyH on Twitter) to get this Happy. She’s a sassy blogger, great baker and wonderful mum — and a generally awesome human. This year she’s continuing her journey of funemployment (her word) as the BBIC (Baker Bitch In Charge — my acronym) at her new venture the Cookie DougMe. Do the right thang.

  2. I want to nominate Angie (@Angie_DOliveira) to get a Happy. She is a beautiful, intelligent young woman who has come into my life and brought so much joy and hope for a better tomorrow. She is both loving and selfless, humble and generous and does so with an open and willing heart. A truly beautiful soul who gives of herself and expects nothing back, I cannot think of a more deserving person to get a little happiness out of this life.

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