The conversation I had with myself when I heard about CHAN 2014

CHAD? Ohhh CHAN? Who’s Chan and why is he sponsoring a football tournament? Oh it stands for African Nations Championship. How did they get to CHAN, then? It should be AFNACHA or something. Ugh. Why am I only hearing about it for the first time in the week that it starts? Poor marketing? It can’t be. How can it be poor marketing if I’ve never heard of the entire tournament? Like, ever. It’s like that “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant” show where women find out they’re pregnant when they’re in the bathroom and are giving birth. CHAN is that. South Africans everywhere were like, “We’re pregnant?! And giving birth right now?” This can’t be real.

Now they want us to buy tickets? In the middle of January? Why is Cape Town mayor Patrica de Lille telling me to go and watch the Bafana Bafana game the day before the Bafana game? Now they’re guilt-tripping me into buying a ticket. Is it televised? Ok I’ll watch it on tv. NOT EVERY GAME. Lol. Just Bafana Bafana and BaGhana BaGhana.

Even some of my die-hard football fan friends have never heard of it! They thought this was AFCON. WTF is happening? Are we sure it’s happening in South Africa? Ok.

I think I’ll support it if Bafana Bafana win their first game.

*Bafana Bafana wins their opening game against Mozambique 3-1*

CHAN is awesome. Any silverware is still silverware. This is a really important tournament. I’ve always ranked it highly.


3 thoughts on “The conversation I had with myself when I heard about CHAN 2014

  1. I wanted to blame European leagues for distracting me…then I found this blog. There are at least two people who stumbled on CHAN 😎

  2. As a social media co-ordinator for the stadium in Durban, I’ve had to mention it once or twice, and being a newbie to the world of soccer, I always doubted that CHAN and AFNACHA were even the same thing. Turns out… CHAN = Championnat d’Afrique des Nation (CHADADN)

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