The 10 Go-To Fashion Blogger Poses

Fashion is a wonderful, uptight, creative industry that takes itself way too seriously. Some of the worst culprits are regular fashion blogger Joes with their fashion blogger websites who feel the need to tell us what they’re wearing every single day. Oh you got your plaid shirt from a thrift shop? 5 Fashion blogger points for you. But I get the most fun from watching awkward fashion blogger poses that have become universally accepted. Here, I run through a few:

1. The Walking In The Middle of A Random Road That Could Get Me Killed By A Passing Car Pose


2. The Sitting On The Pavement For No Apparent Reason Other Than To Look Like An Incredibly Well-Dressed Hobo Pose


3. The Standing In a Carefully Selected Exotic Location But I Make It Seem Like I Hang Out Here Often Pose


4. The I Don’t Hang Out in Townships Pose But When I Do I’d Like To See How My Nuanced Outfit Seamlessly Fits Into The Poverty Aesthetic of This Location Pose


5. The I Spotted Some Litter On The Ground And You Caught Me Looking At It Very Unimpressed Pose


6. The Laughing At Nothing In Particular But It Took 10 Takes To Get This Right Pose


7. This Is How Everyone Hangs Out On Balconies Pose

balcony8. The I’m Hovering Around Regular People Things And I May Or May Not Be About To Enter This Lift Looking Very Cutting Edge Pose

elev9. The You Don’t Have To See My Face Coz My Outfit Is Awesome Enough Pose

outfit awesome10. The I’m Having a Wrist Jewellery Party And Everyone Is Invited, So Bring Your Ankles Too Pose



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