Goodbye, #CityVarsity

And the short course in feature writing at City Varsity comes to an end. What a journey it has been. From finding time to get to class in peak hour traffic, to rediscovering the concept of “homework” to being back in a school environment. I’ve enjoyed most of it.

What I struggled with the most was changing my routine. Knowing that every Wednesday and Thursday, from 17:30 to 19:30 I was going to be somewhere, was very difficult, especially being a full-time employee. Besides learning all the great things about writing, I also learnt to manage myself and my time. There were weeks when I thought I wouldn’t be able to attend class, but you make it work. You go.

What I loved about the short course in feature writing was how extensive and full the syllabubs felt, even though we were only there for a short period of time. I took something away after every lesson, something that I knew would add to my writing. When people think “short course” they think “short cut.” You want to learn something quickly without putting the time and effort into it, but this was not like that at all. I think what made it good was the lecturer. This goes across all forms of higher learning. If the educator is equipped and capable, it makes things a lot easier.

I would recommend City Varsity those people who want to learn, but have very limited time. The course is enriching, and valuable, especially for those people who want to add to the qualifications they already have. The only thing about doing this kind of short course is that you never get a vibe of the campus. The day is pretty much over when you get to class, and the only students you get to interact with are the ones in your class. There was never any real time to just kind of hang out on the grounds. I went to class and I went home. That was the extent of it. So in terms of a “campus vibe” I can’t say I felt it, but a “class vibe” was what I enjoyed.

I’m grateful that I was able to do the course, and I hope it will improve my writing but what I’m also thankful for is how it has made me curious about perhaps exploring the other courses available. Education is addictive.


One thought on “Goodbye, #CityVarsity

  1. I’m convinced! Sounds like something I’d benefit from, here I am a copywriter plodding around as a journalist and feeling almost always that there is a huge distinction between the two. I think your super talented teacher could confirm or deny this. As for no “campus vibe”, that reads like “heaven in a cookie jar” to me. Thanks for the series.

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