City Varsity: My Teacher’s Pet Award Is Coming

I’m half-way through my Feature Writing course at City Varsity and I’m starting to pick up momentum. When I began, I felt like a high school student in the first term. There aren’t any exams during that time so you kind of use that term to relax and settle in. When second term comes, you’re ready for anything. This is what I feel like as I approach the second half of the course. The more I write, the more I want to write. Writing in itself has never been easy, but I’m starting to realise that the the more pieces I do, whether putting together a profile or writing a restaurant review, the easier the words seem to string together on a keyboard.

The value of a seasoned writer as my lecturer helps. I’ve never been one to shy away from criticism but there’s always that nervous feeling in your stomach when someone, a talented someone, looks at your work and evaluates it. The insecurities come up, and you start to wonder whether you’re actually good at it. Will she have good things to say about it? Am I on the right track? The great thing about school is that if you kind of suck, it’s a space where you can learn to “unsuck” so to speak. Those who will gain the most from a course like this, particularly one that runs over 2 months, is that you learn to become a sponge. There is no luxury of time. You go to class. You’re present. And you engage.

As the weeks go on, I’m starting to see class attendance dwindle. The last class had only two people in it, me and Priety, a chef who wants to improve her writing so she can write about her work. It was slightly awkward being one of only two people in the class. It felt almost like detention. We were being punished for attending school. The upside of it is that we had our lecturer’s full attention and were able to get that one-on-one time.

I can smell my Teacher’s Pet Award already! Don’t bunk class, kids. You’re giving those who do, double the value of the course.


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