My City Varsity Adventure!

I’m four classes into my City Varsity Feature Writing Short Course and what a whirlwind it has been. I’ve already learned so much. What I love about the course is that there are only 7 of us in the class, lectured by a brilliant writer –Karen Jayes.  We’ve covered a lot in the 8 hours we’ve been there but the most interesting thing I’m finding about being back at school is how different it feels because I’m also working full-time too. My classmates are also either working full-time, or full-time student at other institutions. It is incredibly inspiring to see people coming to school at 17:30 every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, after a full day at the office and give their call to each class. That is what motivates me to keep coming back.

I didn’t have any expectations when I started at City Varsity 2 weeks ago. I knew it would be intense, as all short courses are, but I also find that the classes is structured so well that you cover a wide array of feature writing in a short amount of time, without every feeling short-changed.

People have asked me why I took up this feature writing course, with many saying you already have a column with News24, what else could you possibly want to learn? I say you never stop learning, and even though I have my Journalism degree from Rhodes, my thirst to know more still runs. deep.

I’ll be putting up a post every few days about my City Varsity experiences, and the struggles of working and studying.


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