Beyonce pens open letter to herself on her 31st birthday!

Dear King B
This is it (No MJ. lol). Your 31st birthday. You’re a mom, a wife, an entertainer. In your own immortal words: “what did I do to deserve this life?” People always told you early on that you’d be the biggest star to come out of Destiny’s Child V 1.0, Destiny’s Child V 2.0 and Destiny’s Child V 3.0. You were the constant in all of this. You were the rock, B. All you strive for is consistent excellence from yourself and the people around you. Yes, Michelle’s dancing compromised the team’s pursuit of this said excellence, but putting her in the back or positioning her slightly off-camera really helped. Your best friend, Kelly, is living her dream because of your greatness. Your sister, Solange, is living her dream because of your greatness. YOUR greatness, B. House of Dereon does not completely suck anymore. Solange is even able to look at the clothes without cringeing now. You won’t see her wearing any of it, though. That would simply be asking for too much.

We are making progress. You’ve achieved so much for such a young person and I for one, as Beyonce, can’t wait to see what the future has in store. And that future may include more kids with Jay. Maybe two more. Name them Yellow and Red and complete a set of primary colours. Who knows? It’s all in God’s hands.

In the BeyHive, your stans, you have an army. And for you, I know “stan” doesn’t mean “deranged, unreasonable and often delusional fan whose violent and abusive online behaviour stars choose to overlook and not address,” but rather “stan” for you = “stunning fan.”
And I know how grateful you are for them.

The thirties are all the better for King B bein in ’em. Happy birthday!



One thought on “Beyonce pens open letter to herself on her 31st birthday!

  1. Sbosh, you are the equivelant (sp. I never get that word right, but you know what I mean) of Bey in the tweeter world, may your greatness conquer the world…

    NB: What does one have to do to get an open letter from Mrs Carter?

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