You can’t fake it

I’m a sports lover, not a fighter. Unless it’s boxing. I’d marry Supersport if they took my calls and just accepted my proposal. I grew up in a rugby family. My dad was a rugby player in the Eastern Cape during apartheid. There was no space for black people in the sport but my dad played anyway. He just loves the game, I think more than his own children. I have a sneaking suspicion Beast Mtawarira is in my dad’s will. My older brother was also a rugby player, doing well at both high school and university level. They played a huge role in me learning about the game, and appreciating its intricacies. From there I discovered the beauty of other sports like cricket (my absolute favourite), tennis, football and even swimming (which I only really care for during the Olympics). This is why I find it so strange when a man is surprised to hear of a woman who enjoys her sport. Comments from them range from “women who love sport are wife material, very few of you around” to “If you can sit down and watch a sports game with a woman, she’s a keeper.” I think men tend to believe that women “force” themselves to enjoy sport, or even “sacrifice” their Saturday afternoon to watch a match with them. I believe very few us put ourselves through this, and those who do don’t last very long. Like an orgasm, a love for sport is something very hard to fake. You will be found out.

You only need to look at the attendance of live games to see how crazy women can be about their team’s performances, even more so than men. Usually women are the most animated supporters; sometimes even turning violent in their passion for certain teams. Not exactly wife material behaviour, huh? But I do think that we are starting to realise that hobbies and interests are no longer dependent on one’s gender. Men love to shop. Men go for spa treatments. Believe it or not, some men despise sports. There are those rare occasions however, when we’re everyone in the whole world is incapable of hating it: when your country hosts a World Cup and when Hashim Amla scores a hundred.


5 thoughts on “You can’t fake it

  1. I once lost a bet and had to wear a boyfriend’s Man United jersey for a day. Needless to say, that relationship didn’t last long. Great post Sbosh!

  2. I enjoyed reading this piece. The youth today anticipates too much and forgets to actually enjoy these precious years. This is the only time we really have to make mistakes and still be excused.

  3. I love sport! I could eat, breathe nd sleep nothing else… Nd I find a woman who can hold her own to be a very powerful nd attractive being!!

    I’m followin ur blog now Sbosh, you can’t escape me 😀

  4. Lovely piece Sbosh! gone are the days when women feared wearing their favourite team’s jersey coz they fear they’ll be labelled as ‘Butch’ or ‘lesbian’. to hell with that. And yes push that Supersport mission! (“,)

  5. You have an amazing writing skill. Your drawings are also unbelievable beautiful. It was through your tweet to your mate, @tsidyk that I discovered your amazing talent. You have all the right to express your pride and thoughts about what you do and love.

    My love for sports has made me stay awake at this early hours of the morning. I”m watching US Masters Golf Final. Louis Oosthuizen has a chance to win his second major tournament. Last year the same tournament was won by another South African, Trevor Immelman. So I’m watching history unfolding.

    I have become your follower and fan. I’m just so proud for the opportunity of meeting you. Thank you.

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