Too young for a mid-life crisis

The world is a cruel place. As a young 20-something person, I don’t feel nearly as prepared as I should be for it. My parents did everything right. They sent me to good English schools with good teachers and good extra-mural programs. They taught me to respect others and be grateful for all that I have. My friends and peers also have similar backgrounds yet I find that more and more young people, despite their good upbringings, feel disillusioned. 20 year olds are already jaded by love and romance, their careers and their lives. The average life expectancy in South Africa is not that high, teetering at a very delicate 49 years (Damn you, HIV!) With that said our mid-life crises should technically happen at about 25. This is surely not a good thing. We can’t hate our lives already. I know young people love drama and wallowing in angst and complaining to people about their dram and angst, but calling it a mid-life crisis must be a bit of a stretch. A person’s heart is broken once and they call love a farce, we fail a year at varsity and contemplate suicide…

Part of what makes a mid-life crisis a mid-life crisis is the realisation that our youthful years have passed us by and old age is just a station wagon away. If you’re 25 surely feeling like this is criminal. Yes, there are young people out there stuck in dead marriages, with 5 kids, drowning in debt and drinking themselves to death but all is not lost. As long as you don’t have early-onset arthristis, all is NOT lost! There’s that old saying “youth is wasted on the young” which old people love to quote. Bitter seniors came up with this. Do not believe a word of it. They had their time, so be sure to enjoy yours. Make your mistakes, but clean them up yourself. Feeling sorry for yourself is allowed, for a brief time, then afterwards it’s time to be young again. The real crises are coming.


4 thoughts on “Too young for a mid-life crisis

  1. Thanks for that article.. I agree with you completely.. I am 25 and have been battling with anxiety and stress due to joblessness, and this eventually turned to depression.. After talking to a few friends and family and just listening to what God has promised in His Word, yesterday i made a decision to stop worrying and being depressed!! I started reading a book my John Kehoe “Mind power into the 21st century”(grab a copy, its a great read) and realised that I create my life and my thought by seeding my thoughts and thinking positively about my future.. I started listening to my friends advice (borrowed from the bible) that I need to start looking at what God has done in my life and where he has brought me from and be greatful and start thinking big about myself and my goals and dreams and that will allow me to see what opportunities God has placed before me, whether small or big, and take advantage of them.. Think positive and live positive, and it shall surely come to pass! Bless!!

  2. I love this piece.

    A few months ago, I was going through what I called a ‘serious midlife crisis’. I was sad and wallowed in self pity for months. 2011 was also my first year in varsity and so I was dealing with being in a new environment, being an academic again after a year of doing nothing and my emotions were also at their peak. I thought there’s just nothing more. Nothing. Until I woke up one day and decided ‘no more’. Life, it goes on. So when I read this I smiled because now I know this. I, too, got back to being young again. 🙂

  3. I enjoyed reading this piece. The youth today anticipates too much and forgets to actually enjoy these precious years. This is the only time we really have to make mistakes and still be excused.

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