We put too much pressure on December

Humans call it summer. It’s that period where people gleefully put an end to their May-December romances (which only really came to be because of the loneliness of winter.) Being tied down is the very last thing on anyone’s “summer must-have” list. People don’t want to think about the responsibility and stress of school, work and a partner. Freedom on the rocks is the cocktail of choice. I’ve always wondered what makes people lose their minds when the words “December,” “summer” and “New Year” are mentioned. Reasonable human beings turn into salivating, rabid animals, whose only focus is the constant search for a good time, at any cost. People book flights they can’t afford, so they can party and buy drinks for people they don’t know, so they can be broke and miserable by January. It’s a vicious, delightful cycle.

I get it. People work hard during the year. December is our only reprieve. We do seem to put a lot of pressure on this wonderful month. We demand it deliver us a good time or else. Many of us desperately go on liquid diets, grape diets and popcorn diets months before December in order to prepare our bodies for the festive season, only to ruin all that good work with the inevitable braais and beers we’ll indulge in during that time. It’s incredibly poetic and self-destructive.

My birthday falls in December. This is the best and worst thing that can happen to a person. There’s now this added pressure for me to milk it for all its worth. My friends and family have to entertain me. They have no other choice. Anyone who falls short in this task has to step aside. In December, there’s no room for depression, sulking or frowning. You have to add value. You have to be fun otherwise you will be left behind. There is no time for boring. Boring can trend in January.

We put too much pressure on December, and I must say, very rarely does she let us down. The air smells cleaner, the fruits garnishing our drinks taste sweeter and honestly, everyone just seems more attractive. If it has been a dry time for you during the year, December will quench your thirst.  So soak it all in, enjoy it, for it comes but once a year.


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